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Who are our partners

The courses available are:

PhD, in conjunction with UK universities, with supervision available. Please contact us for information.

SQE, starting 2021, in partnership with a University of London college.


What is an SQE? The future of qualification as a solicitor! It combines practice-based assessments with traditional law.

The QLTS (Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme): if you have qualified as a lawyer in another jurisdiction, and pass the MCQ and skills-based assessments for this course, you will be able to practice in England and Wales (or 48 other jurisdictions in the world!).

Certificate in Law, for students who want access to university-level courses but do not have standard entry qualifications such as A-Levels.

Studying an LLB anywhere? Need face-to-face support and tuition while your university is delivering your course online?

We provide revision courses, and 1-2-1 tuition, which can be used for LLBs, GDLs, and other related law degrees from most universities. All our staff are experienced senior academics who examine top ranking UK degrees.

We can offer bespoke CPD courses for lawyers and law firms, financial services, banking and many other professions.

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