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How Do I Enrol?

Follow the link to the online application form. You will hear from us on receipt of your submission.

How Much is the College Tuition?

Private tuition is £65 for one hour of 1-2-1 teaching, which can be taken in smaller blocks, or £240 for four hours worth of tuition.

Small-group tuition starts at £13 per student per hour, for classes of 8.

Interactive revision videos start at £13.

Independent study materials are also available for all LLB and GDL modules.

A formative feedback service will be available. You will be set an unseen assignment which will either be timed or coursework-based. This service starts at £25, depending on word length and limit. N.B. this is not a cheating service, it is a way to develop skills and confidence in your learning.

Where Can I Find Your Full Course List?

Follow the link to our full course list.

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